The City of Hell is a big project that needs funding. It is on hold until we undertake some more smaller projects to use as a showcase of our work, which will then enable us to approach people for funding.

This feature film is based on a short story of the same name, written by Leslie T White. The City of Hell short story is under license from Black Mask Magazine.

A once tranquil and peaceful metropolis is now home to the most despicable shysters, crooks and killers. A place where the innocent are terrorised, robbed and murdered. Enough is enough for a band of veteran cops, who join together to create a law of their own. Their aim is to clense the city of corruption and violence, where evil doings are rewarded with money and power. Captain Barnaby and his team of followers take thier victims underground, where no man can escape the sentence bestowed upon them...criminals beware...The City of Hell awaits!